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SLCT Principal Trainer, Timeserved Stonemason, Jason Boag
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9:30 a.m.
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4:30 p.m.

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Individual Learning Accounts (ILA)
Requires C1 & C2?
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SQA National Units H8WT 45 - Part of Professional Development Award (PDA) in Repair and Maintenance of Traditional Masonry (0.5 Credits)

This unit is about understanding the selection, measuring and mixing of a range of traditional lime mortars for the repair of traditional buildings and structures.

Course Suitability

This unit is suitable for those:

✔️ With no or limited experience in the construction and heritage industries who wish to gain knowledge and understanding of the preparation of traditional lime mortars

✔️ Semi-skilled site workers with some experience of ‘wet’ trowel trades.

Course Programme

The practical experience and underpinning knowledge required for this assessment is taught on our 2 day training course C1 Making and using traditional mortars Contractor Level 1.

The assessment will consist of 1 day face-to-face training of Preparing and mixing traditional lime mortars plus your commitment of up to one day for self study before you sit the assessment.

Learning Outcomes:

On completion of this unit you will:

✔️ be able to understand lime terminology, techniques and practices

✔️ prepare and mix a range of lime mortars accurately.


You will be assessed through completion of ‘closed-book’ multiple choice questions and in the production of a written and illustrated workplan on an example historic building or structure.

Upon successful completion, you will gain SCQF Level 6 – Equivalent to Higher

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