SQA Units expected delivery in September

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To replace our previous SQA Units in Conservation Masonry, from September 2022, SLCT will be offering new units as part of the Professional Development Award (PDA) in Masonry Conservation.

If you meet the standards required during the assessment, you will gain the following qualifications:

SQA National Unit H8WT45 – Prepare and Mix Traditional Lime Mortars

SQA National Units H8 WV 46 - Consolidation and Repair of Masonry Structures

To be eligible to participate in this assessment, you must complete the pre-requisite courses C1 and C2 as these provide the underpinning knowledge and practical exercises required to fulfil the assessment criteria, but its up to you to practice and meet the standard during the assessment.

Contact admin@scotlime.org or call 01383872722 for more information

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