Drone Surveying Masterclass - Coming Soon!

Drones have become more prevalent in our day to day life, from every nature documentary on Netflix to your cousin who got one for Christmas, and we will all remember the incident at Heathrow airport in December 2018.

But have you considered the advantages gained from using a drone to aid the inspection of your property? This Masterclass is presented by our very own Mitchell Fotheringham, Building Surveyor and there will be live demonstrations of drone surveying on the day (assuming its not too windy or raining!)

Drone Surveying.JPG

This half day masterclass will discuss the advantages, data output and regulations that govern drone flights in the UK.

This Masterclass will count towards your CPD requirement too (3 hours)!

More information will be coming out soon! Let your friends know, sign up to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook, instagram, twitter and LinkedIn

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