Brand New Masterclasses this Autumn and Winter

We have been busy bees planning for the delivery of 6 Brand New Masterclasses and Seminars this year now that all restrictions on numbers attending have been lifted.

Some of these will be ‘Live Streamed’ (LS) so you don’t even need to leave your office or home to attend.

We are delighted announce the following:

‘From Quarry to Quoin’(in person only) – 8th-9th September 2022

We take you on a journey following the extraction of a boulder of stone to the finished article being built into a building and show you all the things you need to take into account when choosing this sustainable building material for new build or conservation work.

A Place for all Mortars (LS) – 7th October 2022 - Back by popular demand for the 3rd time

This day highlights different aspects of all mortars including injected lime mortars and grouts, earth mortars and traditional decorative lime plasterwork to name but a few and does indeed highlight there is ‘place for all mortars’.

Climate Change – What on earth (sic) can we do to protect our buildings? (LS) - 28th October 2022

From more robust roof design, retro-fitting for pre and post 1919 buildings, bigger and better rain water goods, all about insulating plasters and render and we think mortar skew fillets have their days numbered.

Our Precious Building Resources (LS) – 11th November 2022 Natural stone resources; Sands and aggregates; Home grown bricks; Slate and other roof coverings; Timber; Earth and clay; Lime including hydrogen powered kilns and much, much more…

Falling Masonry (LS) – 2nd December 2022

At the coal face for identifying unstable masonry at high level, what HES are doing about this, how do Councils deal with these issues and real case studies of before and after falls of masonry.

The Latest Technology and Innovations in Building Conservation (LS) – Date to be confirmed

Drones; X Ray Diffraction analysis of masonry materials; Laser scanning; Thermal imaging; BIM and Photogrammetry

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